The ancestral home of the Baldús estate dates from the 17th century. This is a typical agricultural property of the Penedès region, that has always lived on the cultivation of cereals, vines, olive and almond groves, the market garden, flocks of sheep and cows, where the grapes were harvested and pressed and the house made its own wine.


The area of the Baldús estate coincides exactly with the Roman land division, a centuriation with its “domus rusticae”.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, a large part of the production of Baldús wine was sold in America and the Philippines.


In the nineteen-seventies, the Baldús estate was exclusively dedicated to the cultivation of the vine, with the production of base wines for cava and wine in bulk.

The first brand to appear on the market was Família Jané Solé, in 1978, although in 1980 the brand went on to be called José Jané Santacana. The Baldús label came onto the market in 1985.


At present, the Jané Santacana, S.L. firm is the property of the three children and heirs of Josep Anton Jané Santacana, and like their ancestors, they Love this land and strive to get the best results form it.