JANÉ SANTACANA, S.L. does not guarantee to its customers the availability or delivery deadline of the products offered from the website, except for the products in which a specific guarantee or availability is expressly mentioned.

JANÉ SANTACANA, S.L. Guarantees its customers the possibility of canceling their order at any time and at no cost provided that the cancellation is communicated before the order has been made available to the carrier for shipment, except for orders that entail customization of our products, in this case the order can be canceled if the products have not yet been customized.

- Defective products due to the nature of the product, refunds will be allowed for products that have broken due to transport or deterioration, after demonstration by the transport company, for which the customer will have a period of seven calendar days from receipt of the order, where the necessary steps will be taken to replace it with a new one in perfect condition and without any additional charge.

If the product is not available, JANÉ SANTACANA, S.L. will proceed to return the amount that the customer has paid, including the proportional shipping costs, if it has been during the purchase and according to the form of payment used in the purchase.

If a product is different from the one requested by the client and delivered to him by mistake of JANÉ SANTACANA, S.L., it will be withdrawn and the correct product will be delivered to him without any additional charge by the customer.


The rest of the returns that are not described in the previous points will be evaluated by our technical department of our company and will remain under the final decision of JANÉ SANTACANA, S.L.

For any incident related to the return of articles of our store you can contact the customer service department via email to: or by telephone 93.898.82.05.