JANÉ SANTACANA, S.L. Is not responsible for possible deliveries after the deadline stipulated on the website. JANÉ SANTACANA, S.L. Is not responsible for possible product breaks, losses and possible modifications of the product during transportation and delivery. The delivery of the orders will be made at the delivery address freely designated by the user in the order forms. JANÉ SANTACANA, S.L. Does not assume any responsibility when the delivery of the product does not take place, as a consequence of the inaccuracy, or falsity of the data provided by the user, as well as that the delivery can´t be effected for reasons outside JANÉ SANTACANA´s, S.L. And to the assigned transport company, such as the absence of the recipient.

IMPORTANT: Only shipped to Spain, except the Canary Islands, Andorra and Gibraltar.
For other destinations, please get in touch with us by clicking here.