Wines and Cavas speaking of a landscape and culture

Discover the symphony among vineyards and mountains.


The mediterranean landscape of Penedès

Our family vineyards are located in the heart of Penedés, a region with its own identity centered around the culture of wine and cava. Its long history with wine dates back to the Middle Ages. It has a privileged geographical location, between the sea and the mountains, Barcelona and Tarragona. Its landscape exudes Mediterranean warmth and harmony, full of charming corners where, depending on your location, you can see the mountains of Montserrat or the Pyrenees.

The art of working the land has been passed down from generation to generation, with teachings and respect for the earth. The care given to the vine is complemented by traditional methods used to produce cavas and wines. The different soils, grape varieties, and this way of working the land make Penedès a territory with identity. A viticultural identity complemented by its culture and heritage.



At Jané Santacana, we understand that sustainability is essential for caring for the environment around us. We preserve the environment while maintaining the highest quality of our products. We carry out responsible agricultural practices and ensure that future generations can enjoy the same natural resources and high quality in wines and cavas.

We take care of the environment by seeking environmental balance


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Our products are the result of a complete process carried out entirely on our Finca Baldús, assuming every phase of this process: from the planting of the vine, care for it, harvesting, pressing, vinification, wine transfer, bottling, aging, clarification, disgorging, fine labeling, and sale of our products. This allows us to control the entire process more precisely, obtaining excellent quality products, reducing intermediaries, carbon footprint from transportation, and contributing to the fight against climate change.


Renewable energies

In recent years, we have been implementing various changes to minimize environmental impact and reduce the carbon footprint. One of them has been the installation of self-consumption photovoltaic panels that supply the electricity needed for offices, the farm store, and production machinery. Lately, we have also incorporated new machinery for fieldwork that offers cleaner and more efficient performance, contributing to reducing emissions of polluting gases.

Application of sustainable energy resources


Water utilization

In our winery of wines and cavas, an internal resource cycle is integrated to promote environmental sustainability. Wastewater from tanks cleaning and other processes is considered a valuable resource that is reused for irrigation in our vineyards. This reduces environmental impact while strengthening the health of our vineyards.


Recycling Point

We are aware of the importance of recycling and know that it is essential to protect the environment. For this reason, at Jané Santacana, we have a recycling point on our premises, where we carefully separate cardboard, plastic, glass, and metals from the production process. For responsible management, we take these residues to an authorized recycling plant for subsequent reuse.

Reduce, recycle, and reuse