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Duem a terme tot el procés d’elaboració a la nostra Finca Baldús, des del cultiu dels ceps fins l’embotellat i etiquetat final. La nostra tradició familiar és el nostre pilar i ens fa treure els millors fruits d’aquesta terra que tant estimem.

Our history

This traditional Catalan farmhouse, the Masia Baldús, dates from the 17th century, and is a farm that has always lived off its crops and its vines, making its own wine.

From 1970 onwards, the Baldús Estate was exclusively dedicated to its vineyards and the production of wine in bulk. At the end of the 70’s, we decided to put our first bottles of wine and cava onto the market

At present, the sons of José Antonio Jané Santacana, and like their ancestors, they love this land and strive to get the best results from it., obteniendo como resultado sus cavas y vinos: Jané Santacana y Baldús.

The sons and grandsons of José Antonio Jané Santacana, like their ancestors, love this land and look to get its best fruits, obtaining as a result their cavas and wines; Jané Santacana and Baldús

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The Baldús Estate

The estate is situated in the heart of the Penedès region and has an area of 50 hectares (about 123 acres). The make-up of the soil, and the gently sloping hillsides, from 210 to 240 metres altitude, means that it is especially appropriate for the cultivation of vines, above all for the native varieties.

Macabeo – Xarel.lo – Parellada – Merlot

Its edaphological composition and weather is escpecially appropriate for the cultivation of vines:

Macabeu: A withe grape that produces a quality wine; fruity, light and balanced.

Parellada: A white grape that produces a very delicate, fruity, fresh, light and aromatic wine.

Xarel·lo: A white variety that produces a full bodied wine, well balanced and slightly acidic.

Merlot: A black grapethat produces a wine of a good quality.

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How we make our wine

All our varieties are harvested from the end of August to the end of September. From the first pressing we obtain the free-run juice that we use as the base wine for our wines and sparkling wines. This must is placed in our vats and we ferment it at low temperature in order to preserve all the aromas.

Once the complex process of winemaking is finished, we create the “coupages” or blends from the different varieties and vineyards. When the corresponding coupages are finished, we proceed with the “tirage”: mixing this base coupage wine, together with sugar and yeast, in the bottles to start the secondary fermentation, so turning the wine into “cava” or sparkling wine.

The cava will be stored on the lees for 22 to 40 months. This will be the period of ageing or “criança”, which will give it its character. When the appropriate ageing period is finished, we riddle the bottles and move on to the disgorging process, when the bottle of cava will be ready to go onto the market.

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